Senior Data Analyst

Work Type: Full Time
At Thndr we believe that investing should be easy and accessible to everyone. We started our journey to democratize investment in the region by removing commissions, account opening minimums, and launching an intuitive platform with a focus on education. This way investing opportunities can be attainable to all, no matter their income level or expertise.

Thndr is an investment platform that aims to democratize access to investing for everyday individuals in MENA. For the people who use Thndr, our app represents a seamless way for them to achieve financial independence and growth, without the need to have prior financial knowledge or access to huge capital.

The company was formed to primarily address 2 problems: 1) Existing products are not relevant and 2) Financial literacy is low. We’re looking to solve this by focusing on education, offering a seamless and intuitive product, removing barriers and building an investment supermarket.

We launched in Egypt in late 2020 and currently allow our users to learn, connect & invest in the Egyptian Exchange, Egyptian mutual funds and the US Stock Market.

The journey ahead will be long and painful - it’s not everyday that you solve a basic societal necessity and at the same time change cultural norms. But the reward will be priceless. In our short journey we’ve validated this, as illustrated by these key figures:
  • 96% of our investors are investing for the 1st time through Thndr.
  • 54% come from outside of capital cities and have previously had limited access to financial institutions.
  • 86% of new stock market investors in Egypt during 2022 came through Thndr.
  • #1 platform in terms of local trades with 25% of EGX trades happening through Thndr.
We recently raised our Series A and our next steps as a company include the following:
  • Continuing to focus on building the infrastructure. Sadly, existing solutions are outdated and don’t cater to scalable business.
  • Expanding beyond Egypt and into the rest of MENA. We’d like to extend our impact to all Arabic speakers.
  • Adding more products for people to invest in. To be relevant, we believe that we need to cater to all walks of life.
We’re still in the very early stages of our story, but we know for a fact that we won’t stop until everyone in MENA has equally opportunity to generate and grow their wealth in an ethical manner.

What You'll Do

  • Interact with different teams within the organization to take and understand their data & analytical requirements.
  • Create compelling and insightful reports, dashboards and that can help in taking informed decisions leveraging the data at Thndr using SQL and BI Tools.
  • Lead and grow Data analyst team, Mentor Junior Data analysts in your team and give them actionable feedback for their development.
  • Gain business insights and become subject matter expert to help and define important key metrics for business and identify the scope of analytics to discover untapped opportunities for the growth of business.
  • Gain and develop deep understanding of our data model and work closely with data engineering team to collaborate on projects of creating data pipeline and data accuracy.
  • Validate Hypothesis with data, Analyze data, build stories & presentations to present to different teams.
  • Knowledge of advanced statistics and machine learning to solve business problems relating to CLTV improvement, customer segmentation, reducing  customer churn etc.

What You'll Need

  • University degree/college diploma in Computer Science is preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the SQL & Business intelligence and visualizations using Superset, Redash, Metabase, Tableau.
  • Minimum 2 years of finance domain knowledge.
  • Good understanding of database design and development methodology, optimization.
  • Strong Analytical and communication skills.
  • Some experience in Python, R, A/B testing is preferred.


  • Strong skills in Analytical concepts such as data correlation, pareto, market-basket analysis, forecasting, creating complex visuals like sunburst, multi-layered maps, etc.
  • Strong skills in Statistics & Machine Learning such as regressions, Clustering techniques, Time Series techniques, Bagging & boosting trees, Ensemble models, Neural networks.
  • Experience in BI/Data visualization platforms such as Supeset, Redash, Fivetran, Tableau, Looker, QlikView.


  • Ability to step back, analyze problems, find solutions and the drive to implement these.
  • Ability to work & collaborate with variety of stakeholders & clients throughout data project lifecycle.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and organizational skills, high motivation, an attention to detail, flexibility, and ability to cope under stress, a focus on identifying the solutions to problems.
  • Strong communication skills & ability to translate complex solutions into business implications and at the same time being able to explain mathematical concepts when required.

At Thndr, we’re looking for people invigorated by our mission, not just those who simply check off all the boxes. We’re looking for people that are hungry to become agents of change and that understand the huge responsibility associated with dealing with people’s money.

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