Compliance and AML Manager

Work Type: Full Time
Thndr was founded with the dream to democratize access to investing through smart tech and human design, which is just a fancy way of saying giving anyone with a smartphone easy access to preserve and grow their wealth. At the same time, we’re promoting local investment products to propel the economies that we serve

History has shown that investing is the single greatest way to build long term wealth - but before Thndr, only a very small percentage of people had access to investing due to:

  • High barriers to entry - In the form of minimum account balances, brick and mortar onboarding and low financial literacy.
  • Irrelevant experience - Catered towards traders and financial experts, therefore alienating the majority of the population.
  • Fragmented offering - Investment products are not gathered in a single outlet.
On our short journey we’ve validated that there is a need for our solution, as illustrated by these key figures:

  • 3 million app downloads
  • $8.8bn in annualized traded value
  • #1 platform in terms of traded value
  • 84% of our users are investing for the first time
  • 65% of our users come from outside of capital cities and have previously had limited access to financial institutions
We’re proud of how far we’ve come and the size of our impact in just a few years - but we’re just getting started and are excited for what’s to come.

It’ll take a lot of passion, bold risks, and hard work to fulfill our mission of democratizing investing in MENA and giving everyone an equal opportunity to generate and grow their wealth.

About The Role

As a Compliance and AML Manager you will be responsible for the compliance program of Thndr brokerage, you are responsible with your team for the adherence of your given scope to the applicable rules and regulations, and acting as the point of contact between Thndr brokerage and the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA).

What You'll Do

This role has three main components of their responsibilities detailed below in collaboration with their team.

Regulatory Framework Monitoring and Advocacy:
  • Operate a compliance program that is risk-based through finding innovative solutions that keep compliance risks at bay with minimum disruption to the business.
  • Integrate with all required internal functions (marketing, customer experience, product, operations…etc.) to ensure they are aware of their compliance obligations and report and track violations.
  • Install and operate internal compliance monitoring measures that ensure detection of any potential violations of legal or regulatory requirements from applicable laws, regulations, decrees…etc.
  • Proactively keep connections with the regulator to understand regulatory landscape challenges and opportunities to advance the business.
  • Keep abreast of rules and regulations updates and take lead on any changes needed to address new arising regulations.
  • Coordinate between different stakeholders and team members to fulfill regular and irregular regulatory reports and requirements in a timely manner.
  • Maintain records of  internal memos and journals of all incidents for future reference.
  • Completely own the FRA communications, inspections, data requests, and complaints.
  • Receiving and acting upon any relevant findings, recommendations, guidance, directives, resolutions, sanctions, notices or other conclusions.
  • Customize, plan, and conduct regular compliance training.

Compliance & AML Operations:
  • Ensure KYC and signature requirements are fulfilled, and track proofs as needed.
  • Design and execute processes to conduct EDD measures as needed.
  • Check potential matches with sanctions and AML lists and act accordingly.
  • Design and implement methods to monitor and identify suspicious fund-ins or transactions as per the company's approved AML policies and procedures. 
  • Design and implement processes to react to suspicious or violating operations in a compliant and risk-based manner (investigative calls, account suspension, regulator reporting…etc.).

Compliance Team Leadership:
  • Manage the performance of the compliance team members to ensure they’re productive and growing professionally.
  • Lead strategic initiatives to advance the compliance program forward.
  • Support the compliance technology squad in productizing & automation of compliance.
  • Track and report on the compliance team’s performance and coverage through developing and tracking KPIs, dashboards, management presentations and written reports.
  • Prepare internal memos reports for the board that summarize compliance status, details long-term problems and solutions, updates on complaints and incidents…etc.

What You'll Need

  • Bachelor's degree in business, law, or a related field.
  • Long experience working in a compliance role, preferably within a regulated financial services industry.
  • Intimate knowledge of financial products offered and their ecosystem (Stocks, Funds, Gold certificates…etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of Egypt laws, regulations, and industry standards related to brokerage.
  • Good knowledge of AML standards and practices.
  • Experience in dealing with the FRA inspections, report requests, complaints…etc.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills to handle multiple compliance initiatives and workstreams.
  • Sound evaluator of regulatory risks without hyper-inflation or over-simplification
  • Proactive approach to problem solving with out of the box thinking.
  • Continuously improving themselves and keeping Keep abreast of rules and regulations updates.
  • Excellent proactive communicator with internal, external and global stakeholders
  • Proficient in using technology and tools to solve problems.
  • Can instill process through a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility
  • Very keen attention to the details with passion for fairness and transparency.
  • Can create airtight documented processes with proficiency.
  • Good relationships building, conflict resolution and negotiation skills.
  • Good people management skills and growth mindset.
  • Experience in reporting on the performance and effectiveness of the compliance program.
  • Experience in conducting compliance training.

At Thndr, we’re looking for people invigorated by our mission, not just those who simply check off all the boxes. We’re looking for people that are hungry to become agents of change and that understand the huge responsibility associated with dealing with people’s money.

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